FIRST of the NEW WEST: Brand Archetypes for Brand Strategy

The [12] Brand Archetypes: Overview, Definitions and Examples

brand archetype examples brand archetypes 101 Sep 07, 2022

Brand Archetypes are simply the application of Carl Jung's [12] Archetypes into Business, Branding + Marketing Strategy. 


Understanding Brand Archetypes is a powerful personality profiling tool for deciphering hidden motives, fears and desires both in ourselves and the people with whom we interact. You can use Brand Archetypes in many different ways — most powerfully by realizing both YOU and YOUR CLIENT AUDIENCE seek to embody a particular Archetype through your interaction with each other. 


As your familiarity with Archetypes grows you’ll be able to recognize others functioning within particular Archetypal frames. You'll be able to better understand + speak to that dominant Archetypes in others, empowering you to most effectively communicate in your personal, professional, content + marketing messaging.


For a full breakdown of the origins, functions and history behind Archetypes please see this blog post: UNDERSTANDING BRAND ARCHETYPES.





Each Archetype represents a personality profile with specific characteristics, desires, fears and motivations. 

THE INNOCENT BRAND ARCHETYPE [Dreamer, Virgin, Idealist]


The Innocent is driven by a desire to experience a happy, joyful, simple life. They seek to meet this need through practicing faith, optimism, integrity and idealistic belief in “goodness.” 


Innocent Brands offer clear, transparent solutions to identifiable problems. Common industries include Beauty & Skin, Organics, Mom And Pop Shops, Home & Garden.



CORPORATE/POPULAR: Dove, Annie’s Homegrown, Coca-Cola, Gerber, Aveeno, Volkswagen, Free People, Melissa & Doug Preschool Toys, Tillamook Dairy, Mary Kay, Folgers Coffee, Pillsbury Doughboy, L.L. Bean


MYTHOLOGICAL: Elpis [Greek mythology], Virgin Mary, Christ [Christianity], Belle [Beauty and the Beast] Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Sleeping Beauty, Dory [Finding Nemo], Forrest Gump, Littlefoot [Land Before Time], Tiny Tim [A Chrismas Carol], Sam Gamgee [LOTR], Alice [Alice in Wonderland]


PERSONAL BRANDS: Princess Diana, Drew Barrymore, Zooey Deschanel, Thich Nhat Hanh, Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Dorris Day





The Everyman is driven by a desire to belong and feel secure in community with others. They seek to meet this need through a “work hard, stay humble” approach, doing their part to contribute and appreciating life as it is.


Everyman Brands give people a sense of belonging and offer practical, no-nonsense solutions for everyday functionality. Common industries include Local Pubs/Casual Dining, Ranch & Farm, Auto, Hunting, Competitive Sports, Religious/Community Organizations.



CORPORATE/POPULAR: Levi’s, Budweiser, WalMart, eBay, Old Navy, John Deere, Foldgers, People Magazine, The Home Depot, Jim Beam, Wendy’s, Wrangler Jeans, VISA, GEICO, Target, Airbnb.


MYTHOLOGICAL: Themis [Greek], Justitia [Roman], Tyrion Lannister [GOT], Homer Simpson, Tim “The ToolMan” Taylor [Home Improvement] Annie, Ally McBeal


PERSONAL BRANDS: Julia Roberts, Chris Pratt, Paul Newman, Jennifer Lawerence, Vladimir Lenin, Nelson Mandala, Rosa Parks

THE HERO BRAND ARCHETYPE [Warrior, Rescuer, Dragon-Slayer] 


The Hero is driven by a desire to prove self-worth through acts of courage, competent strength and perseverance towards a greater good. They seek to meet this need through the practice of disciplined self-mastery and decisive forward action against any odds.


Hero Brands offer people a “can-do” feeling of inspiration and provide solutions to solving major personal and/or social problems. Common industries include Sportswear, Athletics, Emergency Services, Outdoor Equipment, Military, Video Gaming.



CORPORATE/POPULAR: FedEx, Nike, Adidas, Tag Heuer, the Olympics, the Navy Seals, Gatorade, The Olympics, U.S. Military, Federal Express, The Red Cross, WNBA


MYTHOLOGICAL/POPULAR: Athena, Ares [Greek], Hercules [Greek/Roman], Achilles [Greek/Roman],  Odysseus [Greek], Thor [Norse], Karna [Hindu], Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Luke Skywalker, Hilter (Shadow), Darth Vader (Shadow), Jon Snow [GOT], Maximus [Gladiator], Mulan [Disney], King Lionidas [300]


PERSONAL BRANDS: Dr. Jordan Peterson, Michael Jordan, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Attila the Hun, Joan of Arc, Malala Yousafzai, Martin Luther King, Jr., Michael P. Murphy [U.S. Navy Seal, Operation Red Wings], George Washington, Marie Curie, William Wallace



The Caregiver is motivated by a desire to nurture, care for and be appreciated by others. They seek to meet this need through generously serving people around them. 


Caregiver Brands provide customers with a feeling of being cared-for by offering products and services that meet their personal needs (meal-planning, childcare/home services, wellness, etc). Common industries include Healthcare, Education, Maternal/Baby, Home & Cyber Security, Financial & Event Planning.



CORPORATE/POPULAR: Campbell’s Soup, The Salvation Army, Headspace App, Tom’s Shoes, Johnson & Johnson, UNICEF, Volvo, Huggies, World Wildlife Fund, Proctor & Gamble, PBS, Merill Lynch, Habitat for Humanity, Nordstrom, Zappos, Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt


MYTHOLOGICAL: Virgin Mary [Christianity], Demeter [Greek], Atticus [To Kill A Mockingbird], George Bailey [It’s A Wonderful Life] Mary Poppins, Aslan [Lion, Witch, Wardrobe], Maria [Sound of Music], Mr. Holland’s Opus, Leigh Anne Tuohy [The Blindside], Alfred [Batman], Crow Mother [Native American]  Isis [Egypt], Yemaya [Africa]


PERSONAL BRANDS: Mother Teresa, Martha Stewart, Princess Diana, Desmond Tutu, Angelina Jolie, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Oskar Schindler, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Bono, Marcus Webly, Florence Nightingale

THE EXPLORER BRAND ARCHETYPE [Seeker, Wanderer, Trailblazer]


The Explorer is driven by a desire to feel free and discover personal authenticity by exploring the world. They seek to meet this need by seeking novelty, adventure and cultivating self-reliance.  


Explorer Brands provide customers a sense of personal independence by offering rugged, sturdy and reliable products/services that prepare and support pioneering adventure. Common industries include Outdoor/Adventure Sports & Gear, Travel, Auto, Energy Drinks/Power Supplements & Scientific/Space Exploration.



CORPORATE/POPULAR: JEEP, Patagonia, TUMI, The North Face, Arcteryx, GoPro, RedBull, REI, NASA, National Geographic,


MYTHOLOGICAL: Icarus [Greek], Pegasus [Greek], Lucifer [Christianity], King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Indiana Jones, Daenerys [GOT], Santiago [The Alchemist], Huckleberry Finn, Captain Kirk [Star Trek], Hans Solo [Star Wars]


PERSONAL BRANDS: Amelia Earhart, Bear Grylls, John F. Kennedy, Cheryl Strayed [Wild], Christopher Johnson McCandless [Into the Wild], Howard Hughes



THE MAVERICK BRAND ARCHETYPE [Outlaw, Rebel, Iconoclast]


The Maverick is motivated by a desire to overturn broken, outdated systems. They seek to meet this need by rejecting outdated social norms, refusing to follow the crowd and disrupting and/or shaking established ideals. 


Maverick Brands appeal to customers who feel disenfranchised or disaffiliated with society at large by either helping to retain “old” values being threatened by change or pushing forward new values to replace antiquated ones. Common industries include Auto (Motorcycle), Defi/Cryptocurrency, Body Art, Alternative Apparel & Music, Destruction Tools, Cigarette & Alcohol, Cutting-Edge Technology.



CORPORATE/POPULAR: Harley Davidson, Tesla, Diesel Clothing, MTV, PayPal, Bitcoin, Virgin Airlines,  Metallica, Captain Morgan Rum, Levi’s, Apple, Uber, American Flag


MYTHOLOGICAL: Eve [Christianity], Phoenix [Greek], Prometheus [Greek], Robin Hood, Jack Sparrow, Wolverine, Kurtz [Heart of Darkness], Erin Brokovich, Bonnie and Clyde, Bigfoot, Vindicta [Roman]


PERSONAL BRANDS: Amelia Earhart, Elon Musk, Bear Grylls, James Dean, Lady Gaga, Ozzy, William Wallace, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, the Mafia, Howard Stern, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Joseph Lenin, Bernie Sanders

THE LOVER BRAND ARCHETYPE [Friend, Partner, Siren]


The Lover is driven by a desire to feel intimacy, passion and shared sensual experience. They seek to meet that need by transcending through sensory and emotional connection, making themselves attractive, needed and/or loveable.


Lover Brands help customers feel a sense of connection through providing products and services that foster feelings of intimacy, sensory, beautiful and/or exclusive experiences. Common industries include Fragrance, Luxury Dining, Travel, Apparel & Accessories, Beauty/Body/Spa, Floral, Bridal, Dating Apps.



CORPORATE/POPULAR: Victoria’s Secret, L’Oreal, Chanel, Gucci, Godiva, Alfa Romeo, Hallmark, Christian Dior, Abercrombie & Fitch, Armani, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Playboy, Porsche, Ford [Mustang] Chevrolet [Corvette], Ferrari, Aston Martin, Axe Deodorant, Jill & Jack Adult Toys 


MYTHOLOGICAL: Eros/Cupid [Greek/Roman], Aphrodite/Venus [Greek/Roman], Hera [Greek], Kokapelli [Native American], Jack [Titanic], Vivian [Pretty Woman], Charlotte [Sex In The City], Samwise [Lord of the Rings], Romeo & Juliet


PERSONAL BRANDS: Cleopatra, Beyonce, Sofia Vegara, Lana del Rey, Cleopatra, Casanova, Marie Antoinette, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Elisabeth Taylor, John Mayer, Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Kim Kardashian, Brigitte Bardoe, James Dean, Robert Redford, Brad Bitt, Audrey Hepburn

THE CREATOR BRAND ARCHETYPE [Artist, Visionary, Inventor]


The Creator is driven by a desire to become a master expressor and legacy creator of their inherent creative talents. They seek to do so by developing, practicing and mastering their creative skills. 


Creator Brands give customers a feeling of self-expression, individuality and outside-the-box thinking by offering “DIY” or otherwise customer-choice-based products. Common industries include Performing & Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Beauty [Makeup] & Hair [Styling], DIY, Architecture & Interior Design, Highly-Customizable Products, Technology & Software Development.



CORPORATE/POPULAR: Lego, Pinterest, Instagram, Apple, Adobe Creative, Crayola, Post-It, Movado, YouTube, Canon, Bosch, Micheals, National Endowment for the Arts, Moleskine, Sesame Street, Singer, Free People


MYTHOLOGICAL: Doc [Back to the Future], the Muses [Greek], Athena [Greek], Dr. Frankenstein, John Hammond [Jurassic Park], Nyx, Prometheus [Greek], God {Christianity], Yaweh [Judaism], Walter Mitty, Coco [Disney]


PERSONAL BRANDS: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Martha Stewart, Grimes, Jimi Hendrix, Hans Zimmer, Picasso, Georgia O’Keefe, Michelangelo, J.K. Rowling, Johnny Depp, Bon Iver, Maya Angelou, David Bryne 






The Ruler is driven by a desire to claim and authority through competence and strength. They do so by developing self-discipline, diplomatic, resource allocation and leadership skills.


Ruler Brands sell premium or elite-status products that help clients manage, grow or embody their personal power. Common industries include Luxury Automotive, Watch Manufacturers, Credit Cards/Banking, Luxury and/or elite apparel, High-End Home Security, Government, Entrepreneurship, Celebrity.



CORPORATE/POPULAR: The White House, Rolex, American Express, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Grey Goose, Express VPN, Chanel Limited, Hermès, Dior, Prada, IWC Schaffhausen, Dom Pérignon, MacCallan, The Four Seasons


MYTHOLOGICAL: Zeus/Jupiter [Greco-Roman], God [Christianity], Odin [Norse], Amun [Egyptian], Mufasa/Simba [the Lion King],  Daenerys [Game of Thrones], King Arthur, Aragorn [Lord of the Rings],  T’Challa [Black Panther], Maximus [Gladiator], Woody [Toy Story]


PERSONAL BRANDS: Cleopatra, Nefretiti, Catherine the Great, King George VI, Queen Elisabeth, Kate Middleton, Jackie Kennedy, Anna Wintour, Grace Kelly, Paris Hilton, Amal Clooney, Margaret Thatcher, Winston Churchill, George Washington, Ernest Shackleton, Marie Antoinette






The Magician is motivated by a desire to understand the meaning behind things and uncover the hidden secrets of reality. They seek to meet this need by developing their intuitive vision, decoding Universal Laws and helping others do likewise. 


Magician Brands are future-focused and offer products and/or services that help customers transform their inner and/or outer lives. Common industries include Cosmetics [Anti-Aging, Medical Spa], Fitness, Biohacking, Nutrition & Supplements, Holistic Wellness, Mental Wellness, Coaching, Fashion & Design, Spirituality, Plant Medicine.



CORPORATE/POPULAR: Disney, Tesla, Dyson, Energizer [Energizer Bunny], M.A.C. Cosmetics, TED Talks, Tesla, Red Bull, Snickers, MasterCard, Make-A-Wish, Weight Watchers, Botox, Olaplex Hair, Dry Bar Hair Salon, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Wayfair, West Elm, Regent Seven Seas, Riedel Glassware, Thorne Supplements, Masonic Order


MYTHOLOGY/FICTION: Jesus [Christianity], Buddha, Persephone [Greek], Medusa [Greek], Ariachne [Greek], Gandalf the Gray [Lord of the Rings], Merlin [King Arthur], Loki [Norse], Harry Potter, Yoda [Star Wars, Mary Poppins, Glenda [Wizard of Oz], Samantha [Bewitched], Regina George [Mean Girls], Mystique [X-Men], Ursula [The Little Mermaid], Bryan Cranston [Breaking Bad], Geralt of Rivia [The Witcher]


PERSONAL BRANDS: Tony Robbins, Elon Musk, David Goggins, Lewis Howes, Ben Greenfield Fitness, Meghan Markle, Frank Abagnale, Jr. [Catch Me If You Can], Kim Kardashian, Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor, Rhonda Byrne, Benjamin Franklin



THE SAGE BRAND ARCHETYPE [Expert, Intellectual, Researcher]


The Sage is driven by a desire to find truth through intellectual inquisition, to be perceived as a knowledgeable expert and teach others to do the same. They seek to meet this need by noticing problems, researching, testing and analyzing verifiable truths and sharing their findings.


Sage Brands provide customers with verifiable expert, insider knowledge and encourage them to think both critically and objectively. Common industries include Journalism, Podcasting, Media [Crime, Mystery, Documentary], Educational Institutions, Science & Medical Research, Internet Search Engines. 



CORPORATE/POPULAR: Google, BBC, Oxford University, Harvard University, MIT University, TED Talks, PBS, National Public Radio, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Audible, Vice News, Mayo Clinic, The Smithsonian, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg


MYTHOLOGICAL: Athena [Greek], Sophia [Greek], Oracle of Delphi [Greek], Saraswati [Hindu], Mímir [Norse] Sherlock Holmes, Yoda [Star Wars], Mark Watney [The Martian], Spock [Star Trek], Veronica Mars, Herminone [Harry Potter]


PERSONAL BRANDS: Eckhart Tolle, Oprah, John Nash, Tim Ferris, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dr. Phil, Diane Sawyer, Michelle Obama, Anderson Cooper, Ben Shapiro, George Carlin, Dave Chapelle, Lex Fridman, Jordan Peterson, Stephen Hawking, Socrates, Plato, Marcus Aurelius, Aristotle, Galileo, Deepak Chopra 



The Jester is driven by a desire to feel alive, have fun, entertain others and live life to the fullest. They seek to meet this need by making others happy through laughter, being the “life of the party” and reminding others to not take life too seriously. 


Jester Brands offer customers products, entertainment and/or services that help customers have a good time and feel present in the moment. Common industries include Entertainment, Recreational Venues, Stunt/Daredevil Sports, Men’s Self-Care Products, “Fun” Foods, Beer, Spirits, Tobacco, Illicit Substances, Toy, Reality TV.



CORPORATE/POPULAR: Geico, Progressive,  Supreme Streetwear, Ben & Jerry’s, M&M’s, SNL, South Park, The Onion, M&M’s, Dollar Shave Club, Doritos, Dr. Squatch Soap, Squatty Potty, Old Spice, State Farm, Snickers, Dos Equis Beer


MYTHOLOGICAL: Loki [Norse], Eris/Discordia [Greco-Roman], Dionysus/Bacchus [Greco-Roman], Prometheus [Greek], Sisyphus [Greek], Monkey King [China], Wisakedjak [Native American], Anansi [Africa], Hermes [Greek], Wade Wilson [Deadpool], Donkey [Shrek], Walter Sobchak [The Big Lebowski], Lloyd Christmas [Dumb and Dumber], Gracie Hart [Miss Congeniality], Annie Walker [Bridesmaids], The Joker [Batman], Cheshire Cat [Alice in Wonderland], The Mask, Captain Jack Sparrow [Pirates of the Caribbean], Mushu [Milan], Pied Piper


PERSONAL BRANDS: Melissa McCarthy, Robin Williams, Jimmy Fallon, Mae West, Steve Martin, Charlie Chaplin, Lucille Ball, Garrison Keiller, Bill Burr, Chelsea Handler, Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Kristen Wiig, Charles Ponzi, Joe Rogan, Russel Brand, Ashton Kutcher

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