If you're a:

  • Entrepreneur struggling with Branding, Marketing and/or Sales
  • Transitioning Military Personnel searching for next meaningful path
  • Professional entering the workplace or in need of career change


I’m here — to help get YOU to next-level success.



The HERO CODES is my proprietary, psychology-driven Brand Strategy coaching program.

It's unlike anything else out there; a tactical, systemized and yet deeply intuitive process guiding you towards your strategically successful life path. 


BY THE END OF WORKING WITH ME with me you’ll have a ONE-AND-ONLY, top 1% profitable industry offer — YOU. 


Rooted in clinically-proven cognitive methods and universal laws of Psychology, Business, Archetypal Narrative and Digital Marketing Strategy, we begin the HERO CODES process by unpacking your personal Hero Journey to reveal your hidden Entrepreneurial superpowers. 


Next we identify your Brand Archetype personality and evaluate your set of skills, talent, expertise and network strength against prospective market viability.


We’ll then clarify your passions, values, sustainable high-performance requirements and professional goals. We'll leverage your personal attributes, expertise and desired life outcomes to identify the best-suited business industries, models and targets leading to long-term, fulfilling, SUSTAINABLE success. 


Finally, we’ll utilize my extended library of business and marketing templates to create your Brand Identify, Aesthetic, Ideal Client Journey and Brand Marketing Strategy to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. 


By consciously building a Brand rooted in the unique value you and only you bring to the world we cut all industry competition by creating your OWN expert market. No one else has what you've to offer; no one else has your unique combination of skill, talent, experience, perspective and vision. I'm here to help you discover what those are and step into your destiny.


Whether you’re creating a product, service or a new career, my proven vision-to-execution process will shave YEARS [and potentially $10K's opportunity cost] off your journey towards the legacy you were born to manifest.


Last note --- the HERO CODES is so transformative that my clients often experience tectonic positive shifts not only in business, but perhaps most importantly in personal happiness, health, and relationship.


I'd love to work with you.


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